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"Dr. Grossman and his associates restored my faith in the health system! I put off coming to the chiropractors concerned about medical coverage. Helen explained my medical coverage more efficiently than the benefits co-coordinator did! Amber, Suzanne and Kim are just great! They greet you with a cheerful “Hello, How are you?” every visit. It is really nice to be greeted by your first name rather than “next”. All of the doctors are courteous, gentle and explain exactly what they are doing. I felt comfortable enough to bring my children ages 10 & 7 yrs. And I also recommended Greater Pittsburgh Center to my Dad. He couldn’t believe the friendliness and ease with which a payment schedule could be worked out. When someone mentions any aches or pains I never hesitate to say, “Maybe you should give Dr. Grossman and his group a call!"

- Debbie M.

"Approximately 17 years ago I started going to a chiropractor to see if he could help me concerning severe back pain I was experiencing. After several adjustments I noticed a huge difference, less pain, more mobility, less depression, and best of all the real hope that I wasn’t going to have to rely on medication to keep me free of pain. I WAS CONVINCED!

Chiropractic was no hoax, it was real. It didn’t put a band-aid on the problem it dealt directly with the problem. It corrected the problem. Chiropractic is more (much more) than just relieving pain, it helps your body to function at its highest level the way God intended. I’m living proof and I thank God for chiropractors and the wisdom he’s given them to help people be the best they can be."

- Kenneth S.

"My experiences at Greater Pittsburgh Chiropractic have been nothing but enjoyable. The very personable chiropractors and office staff have made me very comfortable on every visit. I came in originally due to lower back pain, but wound up with a complete education about chiropractic and what it’s used for. My back pain has significantly reduced and in addition, my overall health has improved a great deal. The number of headaches that I suffered from has reduced drastically. I was informed when reviewing my x-rays that my spine was badly misaligned at the neck. Several subluxations had been preventing my body from functioning at 100%. With each adjustment I feel I am walking taller and standing straighter. Over time, I feel that my body will function at 100%, like it was meant to be, with no nervous system interference. All of this would not be happening if it weren’t for the financial policies of the office. I think it’s wonderful that financial problems are not a concern, and the office is very up front about that. I would like to thank the chiropractic office for being so accommodating and concerned about my health."

- Nick W.

"Whenever I saw the title “Chiropractor” my immediate reaction was, “Oh another chiropractor.”
Having gone to a number of “chiropractors” over the past 20 years, and all of them performing basically the same type of treatment which consisted of vibrators placed on my back administering 10 to 12 minutes vibration which pulled then released muscles of back and sides to a greater or lesser degree, the chiropractor would then twist my body, as I laid on my side, a twist to the right then change body position to the other side and the body twist repeated.

The spasms and pain were gone after these treatments, but within 2 or 3 days all pain was back in full force.

Two years ago I was told about the Greater Pittsburgh Chiropractic Centers, located in Wexford. Searching for relief of constant pain, I decided to go see them. The initial visit involved an in-depth talk by the Doctor regarding the spine and the damage to the nerve, which is effected at the point where the spine is not in proper alignment.

Greater Pittsburgh Chiropractic Center concentrates totally on misalignment of one’s spine making certain, by the gift from God of healing hands, to correct the subluxations existing.

Today, I am so thankful to the Doctors who have freed me of the daily 20-year pain I suffered. Life is enjoyed now to a greater degree than I could ever imagine. I shall continue to receive regular spine alignment treatments as I love being active and the results I’ve had, and experiencing this great body’s agility is unbelievable."

- Frances H.

"My name is Pamela. I am a 28-year-old teacher’s assistant and mother of a toddler. This is my story.

I guess you could say I was skeptical about Chiropractic care. I think it was more ignorance than anything else. When I started dating a man who studied to be a chiropractor, I learned a lot about the benefits. It still took some persuasion.

Ever since childhood I have suffered from chronic urinary tract infections. Several moved into my kidneys causing permanent damage to my right kidney. This has caused many problems. Doctors could think of nothing to help prevent them except being on antibiotics for the rest of my life. That was bad enough when I was pregnant. I have been going to GPCC since January of 2001, with the exception of about six months. I have suffered during my six month lapse.

This benefit of Chiropractic care was unexpected and priceless. In addition to a healthier urinary tract, I also have experienced a decrease in severe headaches. I have been a long time sufferer of those as well. I don’t know why I couldn’t understand how much my spine meant to my entire body’s health. That is one mistake I won’t make again.

My son is two years old. He has been getting regular treatments since he was about four weeks old. In his short life, he has had nothing more than one minor cold. I do not know too many parents who can claim the same.

Chiropractic care at GPCC has meant a great deal to my family and me. I have managed to make believers out of two other skeptics as well… my mother and sister. Thank you GPCC!"

- Pamela J.

"Dear Dr. Grossman,

Thank you for all your help and kindness. You made me believe in a science that I had not. Hope your new year is a very Happy and prosperous one. Best wishes to your family, as well as the office staff."

- Dr. Siva K. M.D.

"I Know the Value of Chiropractic Care"

Recently, a patient made the above statement in comparing his regular care to another patient who only comes in the office when he is feeling bad. It is very rewarding to the chiropractor to have a person acknowledge that chiropractic care has more value than just making you feel better. But in thinking more about his statement, I had to wonder whether any of us really knows the value of chiropractic care. When nerve interference is removed from your body, the body works better. That means your resistance is higher. Does that mean that when a person coughs in your face, you will not get a cold, or you will just get a cold instead of the flu? Perhaps. If your nerve system is working at greater efficiency, will that make you think better, concentrate better, or be more effective in your work? It absolutely will. To what degree we cannot say. It may be noticeable or it may not. Everyone is different. But it will make a difference. It is like exercising. You do not necessarily see a reduction in your waistline or bigger muscles after the first day of an exercise program but you know there is a change in your body. Often you can feel the change in the form of soreness or stiffness. The next time you exercise and you do not feel it, does not mean there has not been change?

We really cannot perceive of all the positive things that are happening in our body when we receive an adjustment. There are positive changes taking place on the cellular level. Life giving energy is being restored to starved and depleted cells. Like the commercial for a certain credit card, there are some things that you can put a price on and some things are priceless. Chiropractic care is one of those things that you just cannot know the value of it.

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