Chiropractic Side Effects

Chiropractic is performed for the detection and correction of nerve interference (subluxation) so that the body can better express its innate/inborn intelligence. Basically, chiropractic is for “better body function”! But……what are some of the side effects of chiropractic care?

  1. Improves Cognitive Function - Researchers found that “cervical adjustments activate specific neurological pathways” in the brain, potentially stimulating cognitive function (JMPT1997;20:529).
  2. Boosts Immunity - After six months of adjusting subluxations, the group receiving chiropractic treatments showed a 48 percent increase in white blood cell counts. Conversely, the group that did not receive chiropractic manipulation experienced a 7.96 percent decrease in immunity cells. (Chiropractic Research J 1994;3:32)
  3. Improves Sleep Quality - The study collected data on 221 patients being cared for by 15 different chiropractors. According to the findings, “one third of the 154 patients who completed the semi structured interview reported their sleep pattern was changed immediately after their chiropractic adjustment. (JMPT 2005;28:179).
  4. Reduces Stress - Before and after receiving an adjustment, the subjects completed a standard assessment for depression called the Beck Depression Inventory II. Results revealed a marked reduction in depression scores following treatment (JVSR 2005:1-4).
  5. Helps You Live Longer - In a landmark study researchers investigated the effects of long term chiropractic care on the body. They compared thiol levels, which are used to track a DNA repair enzyme, in sick people, asymptomatic people and people under chiropractic care. In previous, non-chiropractic research, this enzyme has been correlated with lifespan and aging. The results showed “Mean serum thiol levels were highest in the group with 52-312 weeks of chiropractic care.” According to Dr. Christopher Kent, a member of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance who partnered with Lund University in the study, the most important piece of information that can be concluded from this research is that “independent of age, sex or taking nutritional supplements, longterm chiropractic care of two (2) or more years re?established a normal physiological state in patients. In short, we now have evidence that chiropractic adjustments affect the chemistry of biological processes on a cellular level.” (JVSR 18, 2005, pp 1-5)

Whether you have realized it or not you have been receiving these benefits simply by visiting your Chiropractor. The reality is that most people start going to chiropractors for pain of some kind but end up continuing with their care even after those symptoms have gone away because of side effects like these. So let people know that chiropractic care is not just for pain…..but for better body function!!!

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